starts with Peg City Groove sounds of Folk Fest 08

the link to this weeks show as a 128 kbps mp3 is:


Stendhal Syndrome - July 25/08

Aaron Spectre - Pay to Cum
Mindless Self Indulgence - The Greatest Love of All(demo)
Gordon Lightfoot - Home From The Forest
Cylob - Casini
Suicidal Tendancies - Join The Army (awfully intentionally live mixed with Casini)
Astor Piazolla - Milonga del Angel (www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbdakZjHTys)
Minutemen - Anxious Mo-Fo
Weekend Nachos - Four Years Completely Wasted x2
Fishbone - Warmth of your Breath (live 1994 Winnipeg, Le RendezVous)
Battles - B+T
Randomatic Blast - Super Blast
Autechre - Ferium mixed with Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)- Billy Joel mixed with
Green Man - Type O Negative ending with mixing The Trees by Autechre
Live Nils Petter Moelver - July 18, 2008 - Skeppsholmen, Stora Scenen (outdoor venue)
mixed with The Stroke by Mr Bungle - 2000-02-13 - Harro East Ballroom
Rochester, NY mixed with John Coltrane's cover of Nature Boy (take 1) and Gene Machine by Bad Brains from the I and I Survive Dub mixes then mixed with Peter Gabriel's Waiting For the Big One which is also mixed with I'm In Pain by Obituary, the Stroke is still going on then pops on DFA remix of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's Mars, Arizona (excerpt) ending with Down Dolce Vita by Peter Gabriel which then goes into David Lee Roth's Bump and Grind from Eat Em and Smile FINALLY finshing withe Steinski's It Still is Good Y'all

and that's it, the last 12 minutes of the playlist starting at the start of the John Coltrane/Nil Petter Moelver mix is all on the first hour of Check Ca, the show after Stendhal which is a totally incredible tonic to Stendhal in that its way more normal and beautifully arranged with impeccable songs, total class.