Algorithms, or attempts at Improvising Logic, an Affirmation PSA

Humans will never go out of style, we've been lucky enough to be pioneers by design, our technologies as stated by a fellow Manitoban have the etymological origin with our bioogical design. Therefore video algorithms, can never really be truly accurate, at least not for another three to seven years, and even then, then only relevance that will be attained is via the corrections done by the human beings that review the results.

Regarding the books I've just included, I'm currently rereading The Gutenberg Galaxy, it basically talks about the foot in electronic and typographic worlds that we are still steeped in, its very insightful to the day to day, as a an artist who tries to makes sense of one's current milieu, the literature reference are endlessly interesting links that make me understand that Mcluhan's degree in Literature is very much like Kevin Mitnik's instinct regarding Social Engineering, it is hacking North American culture's verbal iconography, understanding the value behind that which we've been programmed to react to.

Laws of Media, simply look up the word tetrad and then go from there. Understanding Me, and Media and the Probes book, first is biography quite thorough and interesting, second and third, second is obvious in its ubiquity with the man himself, third, I haven't read but Probes are the experiments into the effects of the causes of technology that pretty much fueled all of Mcluhan's insights. As a recent Amazon RecommendORE, I can say that if you want to dust the cobwebs of the gelatin mold residing in the plant holder above your shoulders, look no further.