Warner Brothers, Sony, Vevo and lil ol' Youtube

So finally people are starting to act like adults, i mean companies are starting to understand that billions of views and relevant marketing could maybe translate to dollars rather than building a site and traffic appeal from scratch. Actual metrics force reassessment and recycling of content to make it post relevant to companies, not users, users do what they want all the time, companies just have to endorse that reality and slowly they seem to be. Though the woods are deep, while it doesn't seem so, the direction to the highway is being headed in....

Macy's Gimbles, Miracle on 34th Street, don't get the reference...

then watch this you'll get way more than bargained for...

A Horseless Carriage business model for a UFO

Please just watch the video and vote for me in the Economist Media Convergance contest, not that there's voting. I just thought it was a good title for a posting.

Economist Contest (Paul from Gigaom) please read the first part of this post

Paul, initially, in the video, it will show a circle being made on ms.anist on

well, the circle is also not necessary, people just gotta make a dot, like a pin prick, simple as that.

It's not the highest resolution, nor the slickest, but without sounding immodest, i do think it may be a Rosetta stone for modern crowd sourced, institutionally validated, commerce. any object in any video (primarily youtube) could be linked, and those doing the linking could make a buck for doing so, not tonnes, but proportionate to returning an empty beer bottle on a global scale. a legal version of the office space scam.

n2gritty introduction from Me You Them on Vimeo.

Some Marinations

Regarding Joyce's Thunderclaps and Mcluhan's Tetrad, a clap (100 letter words) occurs to signify a new technology that augments aspects of the previous technologies effects on civilization as a whole. Ok, got it. Ghost in the Shell, Project 2501, coming into being from sea of information, ok, ... sure. The big bang theory, is it a thunderclap? If so what was previous, simply for shits and giggles, cause I mean were now, which was the previous age's postsent, whereas now is their present that they felt before their thunderclap, uhm, what? lemuria, atlantis, who knows.

Either way, data management is the key issue in the age of the mind.