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2011 Advertising is the new Event

Due to the tetradic aspect of technological identity crisis, static online experience, which includes the laptop, the mobile experience now has decided that the five second event commercial is the last episode of M*A*S*H, Superbowl half time shit, of our time.

How to make the perfect commercial Dennis Crowley will appreciate being interrupted by.

This is the question, opacity is one of the answers, we see that in the lower third display ads on the "Tube"

However, the synchronization of a broadband broadcast five second commercial that has some type of incentivization that is presented in a way that the user feels ADDS rather than DETRACTS from their serendipitious experience of communicative ubitquity of futility.

Course, it's an event, right? So it's gotta be blue moon in frequency, like a Wonka campaign.