Economist Contest (Paul from Gigaom) please read the first part of this post

Paul, initially, in the video, it will show a circle being made on ms.anist on

well, the circle is also not necessary, people just gotta make a dot, like a pin prick, simple as that.

It's not the highest resolution, nor the slickest, but without sounding immodest, i do think it may be a Rosetta stone for modern crowd sourced, institutionally validated, commerce. any object in any video (primarily youtube) could be linked, and those doing the linking could make a buck for doing so, not tonnes, but proportionate to returning an empty beer bottle on a global scale. a legal version of the office space scam.

n2gritty introduction from Me You Them on Vimeo.


Richard Altman said...

So to make it patently clear (HA!)

once the item is selected via a loose circle, and by doing that, it's pixel coordinates are recorded, the NEXT step is object classification: type of object, in the example of the video, its apparel, but it could be anything, and above all, the adding of metadata, GRITS, this is done by users, sure companies could do it, but they'll never do it all and can be helped by you and I. In return we would get the equivalent of a cash similar to that of an empty, an empty that you'd get paid for everytime it was used, just a little bit, so when you get a cheque like a month later, it's for like 10 bucks, maybe, course if you did more grits, ie returned more empties, you'd make more money, where you get the empties, who knows, buy beer, or find empties, hey have a party, who knows, thing is, YOU have to bring em back, cause that my friends is a service your doing, it's called recycling. Learning since i got the chance to,

your buddy,


Lewis said...

That is really cool. I think its a great idea and I know all my friends would use that! Its the greatest idea since sliced break ! :P Oh, and by the way this is Deby, not Lewis.