TotLol and the Youtube API Service Agreement and predicting the weather

This is my response to the article on Tech Crunch

i've left in the spelling, grammer and any other visual space errors because i could give a fuck, if you don't get it, fucking ask, i will politely engage in dialogue with you. I AM THE ONLY PERSON WHO READS THIS EVER

Why the "F" can't their be revenue sharing scaled up and down? The bigger you get, the more negotiating power you can acquire.
Revenue sharing is the stumbling block of all this crap. I mean, like Disney copying folktales (Brothers Grimm) and aggregating facets of them and reimagining them stylisticially, the Totlol idea, is taking the Youtube model and reimagining a variety of aspects and such, therefore for being able to curate adverstising on the videos chosen from the index that is Youtube,
all future APIs should have based on traffic, bandwidth cost deducted, lets get F'ing real here. Youtube, Google for that matter, is no different for an API developer using their "content" building on it and creating new and innovative ways to use it (AnyClip, Innovid throw a rock in Israel and you'll hit a start up that is doing what you just wrote down, maybe throw some falafal instead) anyway.
The API developer agrees that Google will deduct first bandwidth cost for the videos used, then there will be graduated revenue sharing models, essentially the bulk model, the more generated, the better the deal. of course there will be loads of BS involved in this critical necessary step, however, if we want to develop somemore worthwhile aspects of our online lives, revenue sharing is pretty much the last mile and google is flipping the uploading bill for all that legal and illegal content uploaded to their sites. so if they really want to not be evil, revenue sharing with little unknown people is the way. should they not do this, in the future they will be forced to because people will work around it, cause all google and youtube are are aggregators, so they risk becoming like the riaa and mpaa by not recognizing the importance API development is for the economy is F'ing general.

And as far as conspiracy if the google code feature and the ToS change Did actually happen on the same day, then straight up they changed it because of the innovations done with the content taken from their site.

Your Welcome. Start a youtube channel, sorry, we aren't all 12 to 15 year olds growing up with this tech so we can to talk the high level comedy that only 12 and 15 year olds of each generation flock to like moths to feel real. to make some generic youtube channel with content that is nothing but a time capsule of embarassment.

Social Intranet

Isn't that all social networks are? Just a global intranet, in the sense that one's interests are attached as part of the daily utilitarian grind that is surfing. People claim to not like single source authorship, but thats what they are doing themselves with the internet anyway. Acquiring their own intranet for their own personality, which is their corporate non private identity. In the same way NSFW exists at work and creates firewalls, the social intranet is the corporate identity we try to exude. Linking to each other is like working in the same company, the company of the different angles of view we have of the net.

Response to Business Week "Analytics" article

Ha! Now, now, ten years later, everyone wants to be Google. Keywords, data management and here's one you morons can have for f'ing free, you wanna know the real industry thats growing, course you won't get it at first because it's the truth and i'm sure there's a merciful aversion to comprehending it. The real industry...cultural accounting.

now you can have that term, don't credit me, keyword spiders with dates have already credited me, whether i pass your stupid moderation or not.

btw, keep up the great work, i'm actually redesigning the wall st cover from a couple weeks back for my typography class. i'll post link when i'm done later today.