Regarding Managed Services and such

As I listened to TWiL 75, the discussion was Google Verizon letter to FCC, many thoughts, here are some:

So GnV wanna create a policy and it pertains to legacy (desktop connection essentially)

So Verizon is one company that provides access to the internet, Comcast is another, aligning with Google means whatever it means. Wouldn't a company like Comcast be pissed off by this?

I mean, it's confusing that people associate this debate with wireless, when its not, it's associated with wired connections.

I don't see why this is happening. Clearly, a commercial service based infrastructure is what Google and Verizon are trying to repurpose the legacy lines that already exist, that is what they want to do here. They want to change the law for the net that currently exists wired right now. I feel this is not a good angle, they can only create a wireless commercial network that people pay for speed and service. The wired net as we currently know it should remain the way it is, being the trend forming research and development playground that it naturally is.

A commercial wireless network is the only viable solution to a services based network that has to essentially do a better job than the internet does know for providing services.

So let's go down to the core issue: streaming/downloading

A commercial wireless network should be like room service for a caveperson. In other words, on the net neutral net we currently have, there is a lot of navigation required still, there is a lot of content "hunting", it is basically the opening scene in 2001 everyday.

The commercial wireless network has to do a better job, and ultimately the only thing people will pay for is that which will save them time to provide for, for themselves.

Furthermore, the net we know now, provides the organic pattern development of trends, that a commercial network can attempt to and occasionally correctly commodify.

Anyway, cable providers, phone providers, and "OH YEAH" the rest of the world, will keep Google and Verizon in check because, we all know, things fucking change, fast when it comes to the internet, all the things that are usually formally defined online, wireless or not, get tweaked if they become too out of touch...napster, record industry, RIAA millions to recover thousands, Google and Verizon can ask for whatever they want, it will rest on them to maintain service that works for people.

About Facebook, Schmidt is right, thought he doesn't go far enough, ultimately, if you can't stand behind your actions, you're fucked.

Afilliatosophical Bricollaging from Me You Them on Vimeo.