Advertising in the Parking Lot that is Youtube

So yea, if you get into an accident in a parking lot, you and the person you collaborated on the accident with are equally at fault. Its with this premise I begin my metaphor about advertising off copyright material on youtube.

let's just say there's been an awesome outbreak of pronoia amongst content owner and their lawyers and they now understand that the internet is a promotional tool that leads to more expensive sales if cultivated correctly (see the NIN Ghost $300 album that sold out in two days that never would've sold out in two days in a brick and mortar situation, nor been thought of to do as quickly in a silver cd milieu)

so content owners now realize that it's at their disadvantage to not let whomever USERS (remember them? content partnership, give me a break, like i care, whether the shit is made available legally or not, it will be there, turning off the internet is a ridiculous idea, which is why its being attempted of course, to let the two people out there who are clueless enough to think it makes sense enjoy that social apocalypse)

upload everything from everywhere.

cause the revenue generated from content already there, is like store in a mall,
the content is there
the stores in the mall are there

the customers enter through a parking lot to the mall
the users enter youtube to windowshop for the content

a sale is made in the mall: whatever 20th century scheme involved for revenue distribution for the scenario......continues

a sale is made on youtube: this is different this would be like two people rushing to get the same thing at the mall and then getting into an accident in the parking lot on the way to the store.

however, instead of an accident, it's a purchase of an item that has somehow surfaced via a video on youtube.

so regarding the licensing fee, just like a parking lot, accidents are the fault of those involved.

just like a mall, the stores are there

just like youtube the content is there

here's the best part, the vendor who has the item gets 75 percent of the sale
12.5 goes to the content owner
12.5 goes to youtube and youtube divides that up between themselves and those involved in creating the lead.

one would assume that the content made available on youtube would follow a fair use style availability. ie new releases need not apply without supervision from content owner

old dormant lifeless content, the shit they dont' care about, however that is defined, whether its the extras that will never be on tv so as to not get their shit in a knot about lowering licensing fees, the content available has to primarily be content no one is currently caring about, that gives rise to the family guy scenario to happen to varying degrees....all the fucking time.

if this makes sense to you good, if this makes no sense to you, better.