montage channel and print media

Print media has the benefit of the method, the invisible infrastructure of how we process the info contained within it, intentionally and via graphic design. for print to remain relevant it must be a deeply designed map to the net and or apps using the net in an overall API sense, (iphone apps, twitter), if there is value in refining the work flow of searching, THAT is valuble.

Montage channel, yes, you know how to channel surf, yes set top box grids are trudgingly evolving, (sometimes falling backwards due to being drunk on monopolized attention but when they get up they do move forward or jog on spot) however, packaged metadata, i mean there's an idea, a customizable informed start, you can pick the subject matter or just turn it on like life and look around. unfortunately skill and understanding are involved so you can't just be a specialized geek or nerd or young person with no interest in history (cause your making your gen's history. You have to actually think to contribute, it's kinda better when you do that, just a little, not a lot, just an acknowledgement somehow that you are in fact aware of the subject your leaking out about.