$1.65 billion is on the verge of paying off.

So Google is partnering up with who? Time, Disney, or rather not Time is Time still part of Warner? Or did AOL just leave, i'm going on youtube, in a second to see if its any different. Also for people that find ninjas to be the most intersting thing in the world or dentists, or fucking autotuning, all that shit and a bag of fake vomit, ok, sorry, i'm crossing the line, i apologize, let's just keep an even keel here, going to check it out,

one moment please as i check for monetization identification...

now i'm waiting for an advertisment

i looked for official channels, i'm getting adult swim uk and diznee germany

one more shot


not the biggest sports fan though appreciate it as much as anyone, can't get it cause i'm in Canada. The US scaled does not equal profit.

(sigh)scan to one minute and 38 seconds, laughs are free and (they have so much to learn about marketing these yogurt engineers, are you there sergey or are you on one of those scooters?)

something to watch

do these guys actually still work at the place?