There is an article about The Ramones and copy writing at Copyblogger, thing is, while people love the Ramones, even those that love them admit the same thing, of all their songs, and their are many cause they kicked it for twenty two, THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME, except for like, "It's A Long Way Back to Germany"

Either way, great things, terrible things, most things are protected by public incredulity, hook up the last word with Mcluhan in a Google query and you'll see ...

Where Am Gettin' @

My thinking is this, as I learn about SEO, and how those that discuss 'engagement' are only in it for money, my aim is still true (Elvis Costello) and that aim is this,

the internet can offer micro employemtn for the world, this wouldn't be job supplanting but it would put some decent scratch into yr pockets, which might end up jingling in order to avoid, a mid life crisis, ifnuknowwhatimean?

Innovid and their amazing tech, is like the only company i find interesting, course, I'm no expert, and lastly This Week in Google 2, Gina, Jeff and Leo, this is required listening, PubSub and Html5 with the canvas term, this is where shit is going, my idea will eventually be thought up and done, if it hasn't already been thought of,

if any company (shared pitch with Innovid?) is interested in finding out what I'm blathering about with my untrademarked n2 idea, please contact me throught here.

In the meantime, this blog is about my observations and having an odd but hearty laugh....