Rules for Uploading Copyright Material on Youtube

All the major content holders, this applies to you, unless hold on, Videoclix is working with Viacom, Viacom is having issues with Youtube, youtube has 100 of millions of viewers, this is what is/will happen.

VideoClix's software is in use at Viacom, Viacom IS suing Youtube, VideoClix is also potentially speaking with Youtube, so it will make sense for Viacom to offically re:unleash their content back onto Youtube, hypervideo enabled, with youtube's potential ability to see it, (if this post doesn't make sense to you, GOOD fuck.)

K the a4mntnd was my take on the unsubstantiated


1. Content has to be at least 2 years old and have no current promotion behind
2. Content owner gets 50 percent of sale
3. Vendor gets 25-35 percent of scale
4. Youtube and User get remainder and leftover is for UPS to subsidize the transport

there done, your all welcome

a Haiku of the future of retail online