Fair Use Saving the Economy Why Doesn't YouTube Try This?

If fair use contributes more to the economy than copywritten material, why isn't it tested?
Click on the 2007 study link. Seriously, if Zvika Netter of Innovid (they made that tech for the player on MTV) would like to have an NDA signed through fax conversation with me, I bet we could getting this ball rolling as far as creating micro employment through fair use, of course, we need Steve Jobs to confirm the entire Beatles catalogue on iTunes, this way, the rest of the indumbstry would give it a shot, and overlay videos would be an additional aspect to monetizing video (starting with YouTube), but I have a little trick up my sleeve that will really start things going. However, while I have a patent pending as of this past August 5th, I'll need faxed NDA confirmations, to play the two mock ups, to start the jaws dropping. As incredulous as this all reads, the videos, if seen by the right people at this current right time, will see, ... this truly would be the next big thing that would transform the world and bring all this engagement blathering brooks of bullshit into the hands of the rest of the world, and make copyright owners more money than everyone else, so they can sleep in any number of their golden beds at the tips of precipices knowing, that their automated golden parachutes will never fail them, ... so as long as they open up a bit of the copyright conundrums.