Why not Just take a Page out of Wikinomics?

I'd say despite the meetings Google may be having with In Video software app designers, I feel that its just going to favour Time Warner with the following ability. Useless crap, I don't think that Time Warner will utilize the TRUE FUCKING potential for Extremely Innovative Profitability anytime soon. What Google should do at this point is make Youtube's monetization business model open to the public like the Goldcorp Challange, I personally will sell my idea to all the copyright owners who have infringed content on youtube which is a fucking Rorschach result of content popularity on a global scale, fucking free fuck. I will do a Steve Jobs and make the case on GoogTube's behalf for the need to ALLOW PEOPLE TO UPLOAD COPYRIGHT MATERIAL, because it will make them money, in my next post I will detail the rules for profitable copyright material uploading. Where it stands now I think this, regarding whomever may be trying to make Youtube profitable, i believe that no matter what they offer, it will take a long time to make actually usable in a practical way. here's Linux and here's Goldcorp taken from http://www.bullnotbull.com/bull/ MA Nystrom.

and when i say uploading copyright will make people money who own the copyright, when i say that, i don't mean like this, CONTUNT. Take what I've mentioned replace one verb from one industry and put it in the other....yea, you see it now, can you imagine that?