The New Futility or The New Utility? (part ii)

So like a lot of people, I thought of the idea that was basically, let’s face it, >Pop Up video, we all remember that show, granted it focused on silly things that may interest TMZ viewers, but sometimes it was used in a different context that really gives an indication of how >hypervideo also known as in video advertising and even sometimes referred to as video overlay, could become the next big thing.

The idea is essentially, what if you could know what you were seeing somehow? For instance, if you were watching a skateboarding video and wanted to buy or know, what the skater was wearing? Or if you are watching Fashion File on CBC and would like to know about what your seeing there, this idea as a technology was inevitable but supremely tedious to imagine how it could realistically be done. The companies that are doing it the best in my opinion are, Innovid and VideoClix, both work with Viacom at MTV. Most recently, Innovid, >created a tweetlike timeline enabled app that let viewers comment on America’s Best Dance Crew during a specific performance, allowing them to comment on timeline specifc moments as they were occurring.

Are we going to use the video centered overly tactile environment to shop? Straight up, are we? I don’t think so anytime soon. I believe the only way people will potentially do this bridge habit is if its existence surfaces on Youtube first. The idea of leaving Youtube to watch videos somewhere else, … exists: We go to Vimeo for arty videos, some people go to Blip for whatever it is they do, where else is there that people actually use? No where really, even if there are places, which I know there are, they more than likely don’t really matter cause they can’t compete with the resourcefulness of Youtube and its on demand nostalgia and curiosity conqueroring ubiquity.

The garbage that is on Youtube, redefines what garbage is: The Magazine Wall of Memory and All Human Residue (kinda like >Cooliris, which has gone down since its intial version i experienced later last year). Straight up and down, Youtube allows us to mine it for the value that it is. Hypervideo, clickable video, in video advertising, it has a place online, and that place is Youtube, the reason Youtube doesn’t have the same consistent quality of Vimeo is because it is scaled to everyone on earth. This is really good for everyone, now can a company potentially come up with the right GUI to leverage the audience and give us the equivalent of a VCD recorder ? Can a company seduce our eyes to get to our wallets and open up micro employment opportunities to all who have the time to bother? Since we are all crew under these electronic conditions, shouldn’t we choose who to work for?

This new utility has the potential to do some of these things, and unless we can evolve a Steven Jobs like negotiation with all the major content companies, nothing will happen and things will take way longer than they have to.

I will speak more on this topic in future posts.

ps: I would like Google to negotiate on my behalf with Paramount to get me some cash for having the intelligence and more importantly, the taste to drive traffic to Google Video with regard to Newsradio I at least deserve 5 bucks for every sale, know why, cause linking should be like the stock market, the more obscure, the more the revenue is pure, no promo, left in the midden heap, i'm shining it up and helping people by pointing to quality works.

The next post will regard how this technology will be recontextualized into our daily habits, think Wii remotes as mouse remotes while on the couch. Shopping will become like opening up a new tab and bookmarking...stuff we'll get to.