Google AdSense

As an experiment i'm implementing google adsense, the things i already talk about overlays in videos, which i've learned is also more accurately and somewhat charmingly anachronistically referred to as, HYPERVIDEO. To me, and probably to Robert X Cringley at InfoWorld, which is probably not the same organization that said Fair Use accounts for more than 4.5 trillion dollars in lost revenue in the US alone, I feel it is now time, so if i feel its NOW time, realistically this won't happen for ten years, just ask Alan Moore at smlxl about timelines, but engagement, metrics, all that shit, there is one more way to get to the core of it, evolve internet usage and stop people from attempting to not make twitter something more than a mood status update scaled for the world, but reclothing that which we already did by means of the medium in which we are receiving it.

i am not going to link in my blogs for a while, i am sick of that shit, if i want it, the blog should have enough info for me to copy and paste, i'll prbably find more relevant stuff that way ne way, (ne...HA!) the next links i'll be putting will be via VideoClix, and i'm going to use it in Youtube videos, and if i can't, i guess i'll just have to negotiate the ability for everyone to somehow....somehow, I like the rain, course I wouldn't want to live in Vancouver.