Marshall Mcluhan appearing on Mad Men

Makes sense since he did advise them, also the phrase about >media (singular, as container for information)as the link attests was germinated in 1959, and since Joan does say the phrase in season one episode,five or six, all i know is the circa isn't 1964 when the book was published, some zap2it blog criticizes the show for being to on the nose with regard to period references, ironically.

All i know is I know Mcluhan did consult ad agencies, and I wouldn't be writing this if the most intersting thing didn't occur to me the alliterative aspects of the initials of both, MM and MM. So now, I will research a bit and find out specific firms he consulted, and maybe MW (Matthew Weiner) will do a WA (Woody Allen) and now, some of the most SCTV like acting we will ever know

figure it out ya tools, and don't forget >Frank Einstein

>season 1 episode 6


Mark said...

I liked the post, but damn, I don't miss those Heritage moments one bit.