TotLol and the Youtube API Service Agreement and predicting the weather

This is my response to the article on Tech Crunch

i've left in the spelling, grammer and any other visual space errors because i could give a fuck, if you don't get it, fucking ask, i will politely engage in dialogue with you. I AM THE ONLY PERSON WHO READS THIS EVER

Why the "F" can't their be revenue sharing scaled up and down? The bigger you get, the more negotiating power you can acquire.
Revenue sharing is the stumbling block of all this crap. I mean, like Disney copying folktales (Brothers Grimm) and aggregating facets of them and reimagining them stylisticially, the Totlol idea, is taking the Youtube model and reimagining a variety of aspects and such, therefore for being able to curate adverstising on the videos chosen from the index that is Youtube,
all future APIs should have based on traffic, bandwidth cost deducted, lets get F'ing real here. Youtube, Google for that matter, is no different for an API developer using their "content" building on it and creating new and innovative ways to use it (AnyClip, Innovid throw a rock in Israel and you'll hit a start up that is doing what you just wrote down, maybe throw some falafal instead) anyway.
The API developer agrees that Google will deduct first bandwidth cost for the videos used, then there will be graduated revenue sharing models, essentially the bulk model, the more generated, the better the deal. of course there will be loads of BS involved in this critical necessary step, however, if we want to develop somemore worthwhile aspects of our online lives, revenue sharing is pretty much the last mile and google is flipping the uploading bill for all that legal and illegal content uploaded to their sites. so if they really want to not be evil, revenue sharing with little unknown people is the way. should they not do this, in the future they will be forced to because people will work around it, cause all google and youtube are are aggregators, so they risk becoming like the riaa and mpaa by not recognizing the importance API development is for the economy is F'ing general.

And as far as conspiracy if the google code feature and the ToS change Did actually happen on the same day, then straight up they changed it because of the innovations done with the content taken from their site.

Your Welcome. Start a youtube channel, sorry, we aren't all 12 to 15 year olds growing up with this tech so we can to talk the high level comedy that only 12 and 15 year olds of each generation flock to like moths to feel real. to make some generic youtube channel with content that is nothing but a time capsule of embarassment.

Social Intranet

Isn't that all social networks are? Just a global intranet, in the sense that one's interests are attached as part of the daily utilitarian grind that is surfing. People claim to not like single source authorship, but thats what they are doing themselves with the internet anyway. Acquiring their own intranet for their own personality, which is their corporate non private identity. In the same way NSFW exists at work and creates firewalls, the social intranet is the corporate identity we try to exude. Linking to each other is like working in the same company, the company of the different angles of view we have of the net.

Response to Business Week "Analytics" article

Ha! Now, now, ten years later, everyone wants to be Google. Keywords, data management and here's one you morons can have for f'ing free, you wanna know the real industry thats growing, course you won't get it at first because it's the truth and i'm sure there's a merciful aversion to comprehending it. The real industry...cultural accounting.

now you can have that term, don't credit me, keyword spiders with dates have already credited me, whether i pass your stupid moderation or not.

btw, keep up the great work, i'm actually redesigning the wall st cover from a couple weeks back for my typography class. i'll post link when i'm done later today.

IP enabled devices and wi fi

are people really going to have little tvs, i guess maybe, MAYBE/

basically wi fi devices like tvs, won't phones just become a default app in everything?
widget aggregators are going to just be turning widgets into channels retrieving mixed media about the widget's representative company.

montage channel and print media

Print media has the benefit of the method, the invisible infrastructure of how we process the info contained within it, intentionally and via graphic design. for print to remain relevant it must be a deeply designed map to the net and or apps using the net in an overall API sense, (iphone apps, twitter), if there is value in refining the work flow of searching, THAT is valuble.

Montage channel, yes, you know how to channel surf, yes set top box grids are trudgingly evolving, (sometimes falling backwards due to being drunk on monopolized attention but when they get up they do move forward or jog on spot) however, packaged metadata, i mean there's an idea, a customizable informed start, you can pick the subject matter or just turn it on like life and look around. unfortunately skill and understanding are involved so you can't just be a specialized geek or nerd or young person with no interest in history (cause your making your gen's history. You have to actually think to contribute, it's kinda better when you do that, just a little, not a lot, just an acknowledgement somehow that you are in fact aware of the subject your leaking out about.

entertainment value

here's the new thing, i guess since no one but me reads this blog I write, no harm mentioning it.

the new industry is data management, hollywood, google and the rest of the tools of this content world, have to recognize the entertainment value of data management. In other words, searching for content has to become the most entertainment part of the content, the thrill of the chase if you will minus all the nerded out geekfestoonery of irc, codec problems and such circa 1999-2009, fuck all that shit

montage channel, where speed resolution and such rule

more to come

Advertising in the Parking Lot that is Youtube

So yea, if you get into an accident in a parking lot, you and the person you collaborated on the accident with are equally at fault. Its with this premise I begin my metaphor about advertising off copyright material on youtube.

let's just say there's been an awesome outbreak of pronoia amongst content owner and their lawyers and they now understand that the internet is a promotional tool that leads to more expensive sales if cultivated correctly (see the NIN Ghost $300 album that sold out in two days that never would've sold out in two days in a brick and mortar situation, nor been thought of to do as quickly in a silver cd milieu)

so content owners now realize that it's at their disadvantage to not let whomever USERS (remember them? content partnership, give me a break, like i care, whether the shit is made available legally or not, it will be there, turning off the internet is a ridiculous idea, which is why its being attempted of course, to let the two people out there who are clueless enough to think it makes sense enjoy that social apocalypse)

upload everything from everywhere.

cause the revenue generated from content already there, is like store in a mall,
the content is there
the stores in the mall are there

the customers enter through a parking lot to the mall
the users enter youtube to windowshop for the content

a sale is made in the mall: whatever 20th century scheme involved for revenue distribution for the scenario......continues

a sale is made on youtube: this is different this would be like two people rushing to get the same thing at the mall and then getting into an accident in the parking lot on the way to the store.

however, instead of an accident, it's a purchase of an item that has somehow surfaced via a video on youtube.

so regarding the licensing fee, just like a parking lot, accidents are the fault of those involved.

just like a mall, the stores are there

just like youtube the content is there

here's the best part, the vendor who has the item gets 75 percent of the sale
12.5 goes to the content owner
12.5 goes to youtube and youtube divides that up between themselves and those involved in creating the lead.

one would assume that the content made available on youtube would follow a fair use style availability. ie new releases need not apply without supervision from content owner

old dormant lifeless content, the shit they dont' care about, however that is defined, whether its the extras that will never be on tv so as to not get their shit in a knot about lowering licensing fees, the content available has to primarily be content no one is currently caring about, that gives rise to the family guy scenario to happen to varying degrees....all the fucking time.

if this makes sense to you good, if this makes no sense to you, better.


more on this very soon, he's not that into you wasn't terrible, i found out tim buckley did a song that i thought the cocteau twins did..................................................

Warner Brothers, Sony, Vevo and lil ol' Youtube

So finally people are starting to act like adults, i mean companies are starting to understand that billions of views and relevant marketing could maybe translate to dollars rather than building a site and traffic appeal from scratch. Actual metrics force reassessment and recycling of content to make it post relevant to companies, not users, users do what they want all the time, companies just have to endorse that reality and slowly they seem to be. Though the woods are deep, while it doesn't seem so, the direction to the highway is being headed in....

Macy's Gimbles, Miracle on 34th Street, don't get the reference...

then watch this you'll get way more than bargained for...

A Horseless Carriage business model for a UFO

Please just watch the video and vote for me in the Economist Media Convergance contest, not that there's voting. I just thought it was a good title for a posting.

Economist Contest (Paul from Gigaom) please read the first part of this post

Paul, initially, in the video, it will show a circle being made on ms.anist on

well, the circle is also not necessary, people just gotta make a dot, like a pin prick, simple as that.

It's not the highest resolution, nor the slickest, but without sounding immodest, i do think it may be a Rosetta stone for modern crowd sourced, institutionally validated, commerce. any object in any video (primarily youtube) could be linked, and those doing the linking could make a buck for doing so, not tonnes, but proportionate to returning an empty beer bottle on a global scale. a legal version of the office space scam.

n2gritty introduction from Me You Them on Vimeo.

Some Marinations

Regarding Joyce's Thunderclaps and Mcluhan's Tetrad, a clap (100 letter words) occurs to signify a new technology that augments aspects of the previous technologies effects on civilization as a whole. Ok, got it. Ghost in the Shell, Project 2501, coming into being from sea of information, ok, ... sure. The big bang theory, is it a thunderclap? If so what was previous, simply for shits and giggles, cause I mean were now, which was the previous age's postsent, whereas now is their present that they felt before their thunderclap, uhm, what? lemuria, atlantis, who knows.

Either way, data management is the key issue in the age of the mind.

The Economist Contest

So the contest takes place in The Altman Building, this is making me think that i should potentially enter cause then that way i may win. the idea, hrmm.... squares. We'll >see

Cypersonal Insecurity Issuez


$1.65 billion is on the verge of paying off.

So Google is partnering up with who? Time, Disney, or rather not Time is Time still part of Warner? Or did AOL just leave, i'm going on youtube, in a second to see if its any different. Also for people that find ninjas to be the most intersting thing in the world or dentists, or fucking autotuning, all that shit and a bag of fake vomit, ok, sorry, i'm crossing the line, i apologize, let's just keep an even keel here, going to check it out,

one moment please as i check for monetization identification...

now i'm waiting for an advertisment

i looked for official channels, i'm getting adult swim uk and diznee germany

one more shot


not the biggest sports fan though appreciate it as much as anyone, can't get it cause i'm in Canada. The US scaled does not equal profit.

(sigh)scan to one minute and 38 seconds, laughs are free and (they have so much to learn about marketing these yogurt engineers, are you there sergey or are you on one of those scooters?)

something to watch

do these guys actually still work at the place?

Marshall Mcluhan appearing on Mad Men

Makes sense since he did advise them, also the phrase about >media (singular, as container for information)as the link attests was germinated in 1959, and since Joan does say the phrase in season one episode,five or six, all i know is the circa isn't 1964 when the book was published, some zap2it blog criticizes the show for being to on the nose with regard to period references, ironically.

All i know is I know Mcluhan did consult ad agencies, and I wouldn't be writing this if the most intersting thing didn't occur to me the alliterative aspects of the initials of both, MM and MM. So now, I will research a bit and find out specific firms he consulted, and maybe MW (Matthew Weiner) will do a WA (Woody Allen) and now, some of the most SCTV like acting we will ever know

figure it out ya tools, and don't forget >Frank Einstein

>season 1 episode 6

Rules for Uploading Copyright Material on Youtube

All the major content holders, this applies to you, unless hold on, Videoclix is working with Viacom, Viacom is having issues with Youtube, youtube has 100 of millions of viewers, this is what is/will happen.

VideoClix's software is in use at Viacom, Viacom IS suing Youtube, VideoClix is also potentially speaking with Youtube, so it will make sense for Viacom to offically re:unleash their content back onto Youtube, hypervideo enabled, with youtube's potential ability to see it, (if this post doesn't make sense to you, GOOD fuck.)

K the a4mntnd was my take on the unsubstantiated


1. Content has to be at least 2 years old and have no current promotion behind
2. Content owner gets 50 percent of sale
3. Vendor gets 25-35 percent of scale
4. Youtube and User get remainder and leftover is for UPS to subsidize the transport

there done, your all welcome

a Haiku of the future of retail online
I'd say despite the meetings Google may be having with In Video software app designers, I feel that its just going to favour Time Warner with the following ability. Useless crap, I don't think that Time Warner will utilize the TRUE FUCKING potential for Extremely Innovative Profitability anytime soon. What Google should do at this point is make Youtube's monetization business model open to the public like the Goldcorp Challange, I personally will sell my idea to all the copyright owners who have infringed content on youtube which is a fucking Rorschach result of content popularity on a global scale, fucking free fuck. I will do a Steve Jobs and make the case on GoogTube's behalf for the need to ALLOW PEOPLE TO UPLOAD COPYRIGHT MATERIAL, because it will make them money, in my next post I will detail the rules for profitable copyright material uploading. Where it stands now I think this, regarding whomever may be trying to make Youtube profitable, i believe that no matter what they offer, it will take a long time to make actually usable in a practical way. here's Linux and here's Goldcorp taken from MA Nystrom.

and when i say uploading copyright will make people money who own the copyright, when i say that, i don't mean like this, CONTUNT. Take what I've mentioned replace one verb from one industry and put it in the other....yea, you see it now, can you imagine that?

The New Futility or The New Utility? (part ii)

So like a lot of people, I thought of the idea that was basically, let’s face it, >Pop Up video, we all remember that show, granted it focused on silly things that may interest TMZ viewers, but sometimes it was used in a different context that really gives an indication of how >hypervideo also known as in video advertising and even sometimes referred to as video overlay, could become the next big thing.

The idea is essentially, what if you could know what you were seeing somehow? For instance, if you were watching a skateboarding video and wanted to buy or know, what the skater was wearing? Or if you are watching Fashion File on CBC and would like to know about what your seeing there, this idea as a technology was inevitable but supremely tedious to imagine how it could realistically be done. The companies that are doing it the best in my opinion are, Innovid and VideoClix, both work with Viacom at MTV. Most recently, Innovid, >created a tweetlike timeline enabled app that let viewers comment on America’s Best Dance Crew during a specific performance, allowing them to comment on timeline specifc moments as they were occurring.

Are we going to use the video centered overly tactile environment to shop? Straight up, are we? I don’t think so anytime soon. I believe the only way people will potentially do this bridge habit is if its existence surfaces on Youtube first. The idea of leaving Youtube to watch videos somewhere else, … exists: We go to Vimeo for arty videos, some people go to Blip for whatever it is they do, where else is there that people actually use? No where really, even if there are places, which I know there are, they more than likely don’t really matter cause they can’t compete with the resourcefulness of Youtube and its on demand nostalgia and curiosity conqueroring ubiquity.

The garbage that is on Youtube, redefines what garbage is: The Magazine Wall of Memory and All Human Residue (kinda like >Cooliris, which has gone down since its intial version i experienced later last year). Straight up and down, Youtube allows us to mine it for the value that it is. Hypervideo, clickable video, in video advertising, it has a place online, and that place is Youtube, the reason Youtube doesn’t have the same consistent quality of Vimeo is because it is scaled to everyone on earth. This is really good for everyone, now can a company potentially come up with the right GUI to leverage the audience and give us the equivalent of a VCD recorder ? Can a company seduce our eyes to get to our wallets and open up micro employment opportunities to all who have the time to bother? Since we are all crew under these electronic conditions, shouldn’t we choose who to work for?

This new utility has the potential to do some of these things, and unless we can evolve a Steven Jobs like negotiation with all the major content companies, nothing will happen and things will take way longer than they have to.

I will speak more on this topic in future posts.

ps: I would like Google to negotiate on my behalf with Paramount to get me some cash for having the intelligence and more importantly, the taste to drive traffic to Google Video with regard to Newsradio I at least deserve 5 bucks for every sale, know why, cause linking should be like the stock market, the more obscure, the more the revenue is pure, no promo, left in the midden heap, i'm shining it up and helping people by pointing to quality works.

The next post will regard how this technology will be recontextualized into our daily habits, think Wii remotes as mouse remotes while on the couch. Shopping will become like opening up a new tab and bookmarking...stuff we'll get to.

Google AdSense

As an experiment i'm implementing google adsense, the things i already talk about overlays in videos, which i've learned is also more accurately and somewhat charmingly anachronistically referred to as, HYPERVIDEO. To me, and probably to Robert X Cringley at InfoWorld, which is probably not the same organization that said Fair Use accounts for more than 4.5 trillion dollars in lost revenue in the US alone, I feel it is now time, so if i feel its NOW time, realistically this won't happen for ten years, just ask Alan Moore at smlxl about timelines, but engagement, metrics, all that shit, there is one more way to get to the core of it, evolve internet usage and stop people from attempting to not make twitter something more than a mood status update scaled for the world, but reclothing that which we already did by means of the medium in which we are receiving it.

i am not going to link in my blogs for a while, i am sick of that shit, if i want it, the blog should have enough info for me to copy and paste, i'll prbably find more relevant stuff that way ne way, (ne...HA!) the next links i'll be putting will be via VideoClix, and i'm going to use it in Youtube videos, and if i can't, i guess i'll just have to negotiate the ability for everyone to somehow....somehow, I like the rain, course I wouldn't want to live in Vancouver.

What we think we are thinking, that isn't new either, conceptually Ramones songs don't deviate, neither do Autechre's but sometimes you feel Autechre, others, Ramones

yours truly,

Larry Ellison

There is an article about The Ramones and copy writing at Copyblogger, thing is, while people love the Ramones, even those that love them admit the same thing, of all their songs, and their are many cause they kicked it for twenty two, THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME, except for like, "It's A Long Way Back to Germany"

Either way, great things, terrible things, most things are protected by public incredulity, hook up the last word with Mcluhan in a Google query and you'll see ...

Where Am Gettin' @

My thinking is this, as I learn about SEO, and how those that discuss 'engagement' are only in it for money, my aim is still true (Elvis Costello) and that aim is this,

the internet can offer micro employemtn for the world, this wouldn't be job supplanting but it would put some decent scratch into yr pockets, which might end up jingling in order to avoid, a mid life crisis, ifnuknowwhatimean?

Innovid and their amazing tech, is like the only company i find interesting, course, I'm no expert, and lastly This Week in Google 2, Gina, Jeff and Leo, this is required listening, PubSub and Html5 with the canvas term, this is where shit is going, my idea will eventually be thought up and done, if it hasn't already been thought of,

if any company (shared pitch with Innovid?) is interested in finding out what I'm blathering about with my untrademarked n2 idea, please contact me throught here.

In the meantime, this blog is about my observations and having an odd but hearty laugh....
That has ever used their melody of alert. Entire genre of hip hop, breakcore and the artist Steinski, specifically named in lawsuit. To continue the cause and avoid prosecution, none of the links contain any sounds of sirens, goof (d?) luck,

all of us here at AG
Facebook won't allow me to link to my blog, how wonderful. Either way, now its time to learn about SEO and reread some of Brian Clark's post on the subject

Afilliatosophical Bricollaging from Me You Them on Vimeo.

This is possible now. Substitute film for affiliate blogging, substitute affiliate blogging, for "grittin'", ask me what my fax number is so i can send you an nda and a link to a video that will illustrate what grittin/MT'n is...

i'm talking to: YouTube, Sony, Innovid, TicTacTi(?)

those who are doing other monetizations, i could be speaking to them
If fair use contributes more to the economy than copywritten material, why isn't it tested?
Click on the 2007 study link. Seriously, if Zvika Netter of Innovid (they made that tech for the player on MTV) would like to have an NDA signed through fax conversation with me, I bet we could getting this ball rolling as far as creating micro employment through fair use, of course, we need Steve Jobs to confirm the entire Beatles catalogue on iTunes, this way, the rest of the indumbstry would give it a shot, and overlay videos would be an additional aspect to monetizing video (starting with YouTube), but I have a little trick up my sleeve that will really start things going. However, while I have a patent pending as of this past August 5th, I'll need faxed NDA confirmations, to play the two mock ups, to start the jaws dropping. As incredulous as this all reads, the videos, if seen by the right people at this current right time, will see, ... this truly would be the next big thing that would transform the world and bring all this engagement blathering brooks of bullshit into the hands of the rest of the world, and make copyright owners more money than everyone else, so they can sleep in any number of their golden beds at the tips of precipices knowing, that their automated golden parachutes will never fail them, ... so as long as they open up a bit of the copyright conundrums.

The New Futility or The New Utility?

Today's biggest issue regarding the evolution of networked computerization seems to be how to monetize YouTube , (to be read without breathing) yes by now we've all seen or heard the wedding video and the organization they want their attention grabbing idea that generated revenue on a variety of platforms like itunes and amazon, to get some of the aforementioned revenue. (talk about corporate citizenry! and overall irony with regard to the chris brown and the wedding's action group, yet another missed opportunity) This NYT article reiterates this point, specifically second poster "China Nolan" sez:

How much was the couple that generated the twelve million hits compensated? If they did that sort thing on TV they would have gotten at least one to 5 per cent of the gross. Not just Sony, Chris Brown and YouTube should benefit. ALL contributors should benefit if the music industry is serious about compensating the artist. In this case the artists also were the couple in the wedding.

I mean, in a networked environment this is completely true, we all know it, so why is it such a fucking problem? I'm sure if the reasoning shifted toward compensating ALL involved in the creation or rather, let's face it, this wedding video is a perfect example of resuscitating dormant content, no one was playing "Forever" by the artist who made it, no one was talking about it, no one but these Minnesotans maybe, who are unwittingly creating the Crazy of today or is it Angel? Either way, the wedding video added revenue that would not have been there otherwise, and this happened because of YouTube and its millions and millions of unique visitors.

So why can't a Creative Commons of Revenue be created to outline the scenarios in which commerical compensation can be derived? Why is this such a murky issue to even broach these days? Why is it always have to be horseless carriage (ctrl f the term when you get their if your impatient) with regard to innovation, every single fucking time? Everything's always gotta be locked down, the control is in the companies who produce the content, and that control is defined by giving up the content to the public, who find the use for it, I more or less heard that on a moderately recent podcast discussing Google Wave on TwiT, at approximately 33 minutes and 2 seconds, this is uttered.

Now, this leads me to the title of this post, the new innovations in doing the monetization seem to be in the form, of this company, they have also done this at MTV. The technology they are incorporating is not like...the newest thing ever thought, on the surface its simply overlays on video, though very innovatively, not surprising given their name. Granted there are limitations, but their are also many possibilities. The overlay product placements in otherwise disposable content, such as more or less anything on this network will be what makes these shows more interesting in syndication, by inadvertent irony as a form of hieroglyphic commentary on a larger scale, while of course generating revenue and having aforementioned irony, more than likely unnoticed by fans. (blogger's note: when i typed in the shows name and went to the site for the link, unsurprisingly my point was verified by the exact design of the site, a coincidence that these days, happens at least twice every other day, prolly for everyone, ne wayz). Make no mistake though, a lot of times, on other types of content advertising overlays will be annoying, no matter how evolved they become, they will seem like the head/body swapping of early mash up culture, when so and so's head was put on so and so's body. In other words, like the colourization of black and white movies, it's a process that will work sometimes and not other times.

My final non conclusion about overlays and the needed evolution of advertising is simple, it needs to be engaging, Innovid is the leader so far...but even they will need to address the engagement issue as well, next post will address logistics of getting what you want when you want it, to your actual fucking address, and if you live in an apartment, don't forget to include your buzz code cause the drivers don't have phones supplied by the company.